Kyntronics, Inc.

6565 Davis Industrial Parkway, Suite R
Solon, OH 44139 USA

Tel: (440) 220-5990

Kyntronics, headquartered in Cleveland Ohio (USA) has emerged as a leader in ‘new technology’ actuators and actuation systems that challenge traditional hydraulic and electro-mechanical actuators. Our line of SMART Hydraulic Actuators combines the best features of hydraulic power density, with the precision of servo control technology resulting in an all-in-one actuation system that is both powerful and precise. Kyntronics SMART Hydraulic Actuators: - Deliver high force in a small footprint - Provide significant savings vs. electro-mechanical ball screw / roller screw or hydraulic cylinder actuator solutions - Incorporate precision control of position, force and speed - Eliminate costly and inefficient hydraulic infrastructure components - Integrate with common control networks, including CanBus, Ethernet, Modbus and others Kyntronics SMART actuators are used in many industries from rugged industrial applications to aerospace and medical equipment. Our exhibit will feature fully operating SMART actuators and showcase numerous successful applications.

Products / Services
  • Automated Assembly Machines/Systems
  • Controls
  • Drives & Amplifiers
  • Motion Control Equipment
  • Motors
  • Power Transmission, Actuators & Mechanics
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