Eye Vision Technology GmbH (EVT)

Ettlingerstr. 59
Karlsruhe, 76137 Germany

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Eye Vision Technology has been a leader in machine vision for 25 years, setting industry standards with our expertise in 2D and 3D technologies, complemented by the latest innovations in AI and Robot Vision. Our approach is all about making complex image processing tasks simple for everyone. With our EyeVision software, creating advanced solutions is fast and easy, thanks to its drag-and-drop programming and compatibility with an extensive range of hardware and smart cameras. Eye Vision software forms the basis for numerous measurements and inspection tasks in image processing. Key features include: • Customizable graphical user interfaces (GUI) for ease of use. • Compatibility with multiple operating systems, including Windows, LINUX, MacOS, and more. • Extensive support for a wide range of smart camera and standard camera manufacturers and a variety of hardware. EVT specializes in developing tools that enable the solutions for specific needs in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture. Our technology suite, which includes precision tools and related products such as the EyeSorter Checkbox for accurate sorting, the AIC Saturn for advanced imaging and the versatile applications enabled by EyeVision software, demonstrates our ability to deliver targeted solutions across multiple sectors. These products highlight our commitment to addressing the unique challenges of industries such as food, automotive, pharmaceutical and electronics with innovations in deep learning, thermography and 2D/3D technologies. Our approach not only reflects our commitment to innovation, but also ensures a customized, efficient experience for our customers, creating new opportunities across a wide range of sectors. With EVT, clients find not just solutions, but pathways to innovation for any vision challenge. Our unique blend of easy-to-use, customizable technology and broad industry application ensures we meet the specific needs of our worldwide customers with unmatched precision and creativity.

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