Vention expands its cloud-robotics platform with new offline programming capabilities and scene assets


Vention expands its cloud-robotics platform with new offline programming capabilities and scene assets

MONTREAL, May 7, 2024—Vention, the cloud robotics company, announced new advanced features to its programming software, MachineLogic. These enhancements streamline the user experience and accelerate the deployment of robots from the cloud to the factory floor.

The latest features empower users to efficiently program robot arms and associated devices within a robot cell.  The new point-and-click robot programming feature lets users easily add targets and reference frames to the digital twin using new scene widgets, and visually adjust their positions. Robotic developers can now fully leverage the power of their digital twin to expedite the deployment process.

Vention also introduced flexible workflows and robust authoring features, for easy control of robot movements in diverse scenarios. By employing dynamic reference frames and targets with variables and expressions, instead of fixed coordinates, precise positioning is achieved through mathematical expressions and variables, bolstering efficiency and accuracy in design workflows.

Plus, the new calibration app offers pre-designed calibration application templates—or, for those who want more control, the ability to create a tailored flow for precisely calibrating a unique robot application. It integrates seamlessly into the workflow, providing optimal performance and accuracy for robotic operations.

Experience MachineLogic’s programming capabilities at Automate. Visit Vention at Booth #2813 to meet company founder and CEO Etienne Lacroix, and CTO Francois Giguère, for interviews on Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

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