Third Wave Automation Announces Dynamic Fleet Management Solution to Drive Shared Autonomy in Warehouse Operations


UNION CITY, Calif. – May 1, 2024 – Third Wave Automation, provider of autonomous high-reach forklifts powered by Shared Autonomy, today announced the commercial availability of its Armada Fleet Management System (FMS), the central interface for the company’s Shared Autonomy Platform. Third Wave Automation is the first company to offer proactive collision avoidance and tools to minimize the time it takes to address delays that could impact pallet movement and throughput.

The Armada FMS enables a single operator to safely and effectively manage multiple TWA Reach and TWA Extended Reach forklifts simultaneously. Operators can execute and monitor workflows, and configure warehouse zones dynamically, all while integrating seamlessly with other warehouse management systems. Third Wave Automation’s Shared Autonomy Platform streamlines warehouse operations, dramatically increasing worker efficiency and safety.

"Third Wave Automation is driving smarter automation in the warehouse with its AI-powered Shared Autonomy Platform. However, this would not be possible without an intelligent fleet management system that provides a powerful connection between remote operators and the autonomous forklifts on the warehouse floor,” said Arshan Poursohi, Third Wave Automation's co-founder and CEO. "Our Armada FMS is fundamental to achieving our customers' performance goals, providing a single interface through which remote operators can monitor the forklift fleet performance on the warehouse floor."

Addressing Challenges of Warehouse Operators

Warehouse operators are facing significant challenges with labor, while demand for their services grows. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, warehouse operators have seen labor costs increase by about 80% in the last five years, while staff turnover averages about 30% monthly. These staffing challenges hamper operators’ ability to manage workloads and maintain a safe environment.

Third Wave Automation directly addresses these issues with its Shared Autonomy Platform, comprising the TWA Reach line of forklifts – which operate in four modes: fully autonomous, remote assist, remote operation and traditional manual operation – using Armada FMS.

As the forklifts are deployed, Armada FMS enables warehouse supervisors and operators to benefit from:

  • Streamlined workflows through Shared Autonomy – Robotic high-reach forklifts can be operated in various modes, supported by Third Wave Automation’s Shared Autonomy Platform. The platform adeptly handles new and unique workflows and various racking configurations to quickly address any challenges the forklifts encounter.
  • First-of-its-kind technology for improved visibility and collision avoidance – Using obstacle detection systems, including lidar and camera feeds on the robotic forklifts, remote operators can gain insights into the location of potential obstacles, even those not visible to the naked eye; navigate around them; and get a better view of target pick and place locations than manual operators. 
  • Intuitive assist queuing – Support for multiple, efficient forklift paths resolves operational issues and increases autonomy time, improving throughput.
  • Responsiveness to dynamic warehouse conditions – Armada extends beyond the capabilities of traditional warehouse management systems, providing tools like on-the-fly region block, task prioritization and schedule management, which enable supervisors to quickly and efficiently respond to real-time changes in the warehouse environment. 

Third Wave Automation Shared Autonomy solutions are being used by a range of companies, from smaller regional warehouse operators like Holman Logistics to global logistics company C.H. Robinson Worldwide.

Armada at The Automate Conference

To learn more about the Armada FMS, the Shared Autonomy Platform and autonomous high-reach forklifts, visit Third Wave Automation in Booth 5453 at The Automate Conference, May 6-9 in Chicago. There attendees can see demos of Third Wave Automation’s sensor suite, which combines Ouster 3D lidar and Framos 3D cameras to guide its robotic forklifts, and remote operator station with an Armada FMS simulator.

More information also can be found on the Third Wave Automation website, by emailing [email protected] or calling 877-367-5538 (877-FORK-LFT).

About Third Wave Automation

Third Wave Automation was founded in 2018 in Union City, Calif., to alleviate increasing supply chain stress using intelligent automation products and services. Third Wave Automation’s products, the TWA Reach and TWA Extended Reach are the only high-reach forklift automation solutions on the market today that offer users the flexibility to deploy their fleet in four modes – fully autonomous, remote operation, remote assist and manual operation. Third Wave Automation brings people and automated systems together to improve throughput, efficiency and safety beyond what people or automation could achieve alone.

Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to create its Shared Autonomy Platform, Third Wave Automation's Armada Fleet Management System provides the visibility and tools needed to effectively manage fleets of automated high-reach forklifts and respond to edge cases in a timely and effective manner. The Third Wave Automation solution easily integrates into existing workflows without costly infrastructure changes commonly required by traditional automation solutions. Customers immediately realize the benefits from day one. For more information, visit

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