Magswitch Technologies Showcases Cutting-Edge Robot Displays at Automate Trade Show


At the Automate trade show, Magswitch Technologies, a premier manufacturer of magnetic tools and solutions for automation applications, is proud to present an array of innovative robot displays highlighting the prowess of the E30 Gripper and Collaborative Robots.

The star of the showcase is the E30 Gripper, a permanent magnetic gripper renowned for its power and versatility. Operating on a 24V 1A power supply, the E30 Gripper is equipped with advanced features such as communication capabilities over various protocols including Ethernet IP, Profinet, and ModBus. The E30 Gripper is a smart tool capable of sensing attached parts, identifying dangling parts, verifying correct part placement, and double-blank detection. Moreover, with Variable Field Output (VFO) technology, it enables precise handling of thin materials, further enhancing its utility in diverse applications.

One of the main attractions at the Magswitch booth is the Battery Pack Assembly Cell, featuring the Magswitch E30 Gripper paired with ABB GoFa 5 collaborative robots. This dynamic setup demonstrates seamless battery pack assembly operations, showcasing the gripping power and adaptability of the E30 Gripper in real-world scenarios. The collaborative robots, known for their versatility and user-friendliness, complement the Magswitch technology perfectly, resulting in a synergistic display of efficiency and innovation.

Another highlight of the exhibition is the Material Handling demo, where the E30 Gripper's variable field functionality and part present detection capabilities are showcased. By handling multiple parts simultaneously and efficiently identifying the correct components, the E30 Gripper streamlines material handling processes, reducing cycle times and enhancing overall productivity.

Moreover, Magswitch emphasizes the importance of Pole Shoes as essential accessories for their automation tools. These customizable attachments enhance the performance and versatility of Magswitch tools, allowing for optimized handling of irregular shapes, thin materials, and curved surfaces. With the ability to design custom pole shoe geometries and select engineered surface coatings, Magswitch ensures that their solutions meet the unique requirements of diverse applications.

"We are thrilled to present our latest innovations in magnetic automation technology at the Automate trade show," said Joe Cyrek, President of Magswitch Automation Company. "With the E30 Gripper and Collaborative Robots, we are empowering industries to achieve new levels of efficiency, reliability, and precision in their automation processes."

Visit the Magswitch booth #1821 at the Automate Show to experience firsthand the groundbreaking solutions shaping the future of automation.

About Magswitch Technologies: Magswitch Technologies is a leading manufacturer of magnetic tools and solutions for automation applications. With a focus on innovation and quality, Magswitch provides cutting-edge magnetic technology to industries worldwide, enabling them to optimize their automation processes and enhance productivity.

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