call for speakers

May 6–9, 2024 · Chicago, Illinois, USA

Share your expertise, your insights, and your technology innovations at the largest, most important automation and robotics trade show conference in North America, the Automate Show & Conference. We invite you to submit non-commercial, educational talks for this premier automation conference.



For 2024, we are seeking talks that offer a higher degree of technical information than we’ve previously required on technologies, applications, and use cases.

  • Talks must be educational and non-commercial. No product talks or sales pitches will be allowed. We will be rigorously enforcing this requirement in 2024. 
  • Preference will be given to talks that showcase real-world use cases or new applications and technologies. If possible, please bring in partners as part of your talk who have actually deployed the technologies being discussed.
  • This conference intends to present technical talks on how to solve problems, create strategies, select partners, build business cases, use new technologies, and deploy solutions. We prefer speakers with backgrounds where they are actually involved in deploying, designing, or operating these technologies, strategies, or applications.


Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Decisions on abstracts will be made in October. Speakers will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations but will receive complimentary registration to the full conference.

We are looking for a full range of topics, from advice on how to get started with automation technologies to the latest applications and use cases. Below is a list of potential sessions. But this is not exhaustive. Please submit any educational session that would be of interest to our audiences. If you have questions, please contact Robert Huschka, Vice President of Education Strategies, at

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Potential Sessions

Introduction to Automation Technology

  • Getting started with robotics
  • Getting started with machine vision
  • Choosing motion control components/systems
  • Working with system integrators
  • Introduction to robotic safety
  • Case studies - especially first implementations of automation

Applications & Solutions

  • Assembly and Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Painting & Coating
  • Grinding, Finishing, and Material Removal
  • Inspection and Quality Control
  • 3D/Additive Manufacturing
  • Material Handling
  • Pick, Place, and Sort
  • Packaging
  • Foundry Work
  • Machine Tending
  • Barcode and QR Code Reading
  • Conveyance
  • CNC Machining

The Business Case for Automation

  • Understanding the benefits of automation
  • Is automation right for your company?
  • How to prepare an automation ROI calculation
  • How to prepare your workforce for automation
  • Successful case studies of new automation implementation

Collaborative Robot Applications

  • Collaborative vs. conventional robot application
  • Safety implications with collaborative robotics
  • How to implement mobile robots
  • Human-robot collaboration
  • New use cases for collaboration
  • Effective end-of-arm tooling for collaborative applications

Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • Automating warehousing and logistics
  • Getting started with AMRs
  • Fleet management and interoperability
  • Navigation and mapping for AMRs
  • User case studies
  • Using AMRs safely


  • End-of-arm tooling
  • Robotic machine loading, tending, bin picking, etc.
  • Vision guided robotics
  • Robotic inspection
  • Robot safety - how to perform a risk assessment
  • Unique applications using robotics
  • Robot simulation
  • Advances in robotics software and programming
  • Case studies of successful robotics applications

Vision and Imaging

  • Embedded/computer vision
  • Vision's role in IoT
  • 3D vision techniques
  • Vision guided robotics
  • Smart cameras/vision sensors
  • Neural networks/deep learning
  • Time of flight sensors
  • Software tools for vision and robotics
  • Vision systems integration
  • Vision in autonomous vehicles
  • Real-time video applications
  • Non-visible imaging
  • Emerging machine vision applications
  • Vision inspection techniques
  • Case studies of successful vision applications
  • Vision and imaging in industries such as life sciences, agriculture, security, surveillance, electronics, automotive, etc.

Motion Control Components and Systems

  • Advances in motion control technology
  • Advances in programmable controls
  • Realizing improvements in productivity with motion control
  • Advanced motion control applications
  • Design performance issues and how to overcome them
  • Virtual commissioning for risk-free design
  • Advances in linear transport technology
  • Adding algorithm intelligence to machines and systems
  • Industrial networking technologies, methods, etc.
  • TSN - time sensitive networks
  • OPC-UA protocol
  • Innovations in electric motors
  • New servo drive technology
  • Machine design best practices
  • Drives-based integrated safety
  • Linear actuator applications

Smart Automation Trends

  • Trends in smart manufacturing/automation
  • Automation in emerging industries, such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, construction, healthcare
  • Advances in machine vision and computer vision
  • 3D printing/additive manufacturing
  • Predictive maintenance solutions
  • Cybersecurity in an IoT world
  • Human-machine interface advances
  • Bringing IT and OT together
  • AR, VR or mixed-reality applications
  • Digital twins and simulation
  • 5G and connectivity
  • Edge and Fog computing
  • Blockchain for industry
  • Supply chain management
  • Advances in Large Language Models (ChatGPT, Bard, etc.)

Building an AI or Smart Manufacturing Strategy

  • How to evaluate an AI solution
  • AI solutions: where to begin?
  • How to accelerate a digital transformation
  • What's your big data strategy?
  • Exploring advanced business analytics
  • Evaluating software

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends

  • Real world use cases for AI and machine learning
  • AI or machine learning applications in robotics
  • Asset and inventory management using machine learning
  • Natural language processing applications for smart manufacturing
  • AI, machine learning and vision applications for inspection and quality control
  • Human - AI collaboration
  • Addressing AI ethics, bias, safety, and trust