Don’t miss your chance to see today’s hottest new companies in robotics and automation—all in one place. On Tuesday, June 7 at 2:30 PM, the ten finalists below will go head-to-head at the Automate Show Theater, pitching their technology solution and vying for a $10,000 cash prize.


Aivero is a Scandinavian startup founded in 2017 with a mission to democratize automation by simplifying robotic control so that anyone can deploy and operate them. No more code, programming, or complex path planning—vision-guided robotics automates this too.

"As a remote-first startup from Scandinavia, we value the times we can step outside virtual reality to meet up physically. Therefore, being chosen allows us to experience the Automate conference together. We look forward to this four-day immersive experience in the heart of manufacturing and automation.
Automation pushes society forward by eliminating misdirected potential spent on tasks too tedious for a human to evolve and grow. Moreover, the complexity of today's problems continues to grow, and it is crucial we utilize resources efficiently to solve them. Startups tend to bring the necessary people and potential together to achieve this, and the technological breakthroughs they output benefit socio-economic welfare greatly."

Covision Quality
Covision Quality automates and scales visual inspection with unsupervised machine learning technology. The software is installed in production lines within 1 hour and reduces pseudo scrap rates by up to 90%.

"Automation has been happening for about 30 years - with great progress but overall mediocre results, especially in visual inspection processes. Disruptive unsupervised machine learning technology (also called "unsupervised A.I.") will drastically speed up automation in the next 3 years.

This is why we are excited to be chosen as a finalist. To showcase our technology and how our customers speed up automation drastically, and how easy it is to implement for other manufacturing companies."

FLX Solutions
FLX Solutions is pioneering functional robotics applications for the Construction and Building Inspection/Maintenance industries with highly intelligent robots that are miniaturized to operate in spaces humans can’t easily access. Our first product, The FLX BOT, is a patented 1” diameter snake-like robot that is able to fit into these spaces to inspect, map, and then perform any required maintenance.

"We are excited to be a part of the largest robotics and automation show in the US. As a startup, we a developing the next generation of robotics hardware and this competition allows us a forum to share it with the community."

Based on Gecomer® Technology, INNOCISE produces special polymers capable of handling components from several meters to less than 10 microns with the highest precision and maximum efficiency. Inspired by the so-called Gecko effect, picking and placing of the component works without external energy and without any residues – by using van der Waals interactions.

“Green” and energy-free gripping systems are our mission. With our bio-inspired handling solutions we replace cost- and resource-intensive (suction) grippers and enable the customer a versatile application spectrum for the automation of tomorrow – without cables, electronics, compressed air and the necessary peripherals: from pick&place of smallest microLEDs to fuel cell production and clean room applications to installation of side windows of trains

"INNOCISE, based in Saarland, is a spin-off of the world-renowned Leibniz Institute for New Materials. The company has established itself internationally as a technology leader for reversible adhesive systems.

Green and efficient - We turn robots into geckos.

INNOCISE develops bio-inspired gripping solutions for challenging automation processes."



InOrbit is the leading provider of SaaS RobOps - DevOps for robotics. InOrbit offers a secure, scalable, cloud-based robot management and analytics platform that enables robotics companies and their customers to develop, deploy and operate smart robots at global scale. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing programs and other services, bringing RobOps to scale.

"At InOrbit our goal is to maximize the potential of every robot. We envision a world where humans, robots and AI work together to drive radical productivity improvements and enable people to reach new heights. There is a new generation of smart robots that are addressing humanity’s needs, from food production to delivery and from manufacturing to supply chain management. These robots can improve the lives of a billion people"

Neurocle Inc.
Neurocle is a leading and innovative company that incorporates deep learning technology into the field of computer vision. Neurocle has developed three software that provides best optimized models to users with its Auto Deep Learning model algorithms and inference engine. The software Neuro-T, Neuro-X, Neuro-R provides excellent usability with automated data management and modeling process.

Neuro-T is a deep learning model trainer for industrial experts. Even users without deep learning-related background knowledge can create high-performance models with a simple process. Through the Auto Deep Learning Algorithm developed by Neurocle, deep learning models can be easily and quickly generated and used immediately. In addition, when utilizing the model, the performance of the model can be maintained easily without the need of a lot of resources.

"With the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Automation Industry has continuously developed and changed. Since the industry is ever-changing, many new challenges are constantly presented. Thus, startups, with the competence to adapt to a fast-changing environment and ability to accept new technologies are essential in this industry. Among those startups, Neurocle makes a mark in the automation industry."

NINOX 360 offers the benefits of automation with minimal infrastructure with its poka-yoke (a.k.a. error proofing) systems and vision based inspections. Our current and past customers cover a range of industries from consumer electronics, robotics, defense, automotive manufacturing, warehousing, and energy industries. We specialize in developing bespoke vision based solutions in challenging environments using a variety of approaches that include 3D reconstruction, photogrammetry, and machine learning.

In a poka-yoke system, technicians are given live feedback evaluating their performance. This catches defects immediately, reduces cognitive load, logs documentation for root cause analysis, and empowers technicians to own the process. It effectively makes manual processes faster and more efficient without the massive time and capital investment required for a fully automated solution, while laying the groundwork for increased automation in the future.

In addition to poka-yoke systems, we offer more traditional vision-based defect detection and quality control using our networked smart sensors. Specific areas of expertise include parts tracking, automotive paint defects, printing defects, quality control of small components, visual localization and mapping, 3D model generation, mobile app development, and industrial markers (e.g. QR Code, Aztec, Datamatrix). Revenue comes from smart sensor hardware and software libraries as either fixed-upfront or subscription, as well as integration, maintenance, and development of bespoke solutions.

"Startups are important for manufacturing as they constantly challenge the status quo. Manufacturing is a capital intensive industry due to complex machinery and long development time. Startups can present new and unique ways to tackle problems, offering the opportunity to rapidly test and iterate upon them."

Quotebeam Inc.



Quotebeam Inc.
Quotebeam is digitizing the unique workflow of industrial parts procurement and collaboration, redefining the way suppliers interact with customers. Quotebeam is the online marketplace not just to source industrial automation parts, but to enable technical collaboration between suppliers, distributors, and equipment manufacturers. Solving a major pain point for the industry, Quotebeam is on a mission to transform the inefficiencies in procurement and collaboration, making the relationships we have with products and services interactive, rather than transactional.

"Startups are catalysts of innovation and growth, bringing new technology to automation and manufacturing industry. It's the driving force for creating things that are extraordinary, and we couldn't be more excited to be selected as the finalists."

Scalable Robotics  Inc.
Scalable Robotics is a startup in industrial robotics that was founded on the idea that industrial robots are tools that should be available to everyone, including large, medium and especially small enterprises. Many industries face labor shortages, and many people are put in harm’s way because it is too difficult or costly to program a robot. Our novel human-robot interaction techniques enable people who know their process to intuitively show the robot what needs to be done, and the Scalable system creates a robust and high-quality program automatically. Unlike other systems that focus on processes with only a few motions, like pick and place, our “No code, no CAD, point and click interface for industrial robotics” works for complex processes with hundreds of motions, such as welding, painting and deburring. We launched our product first in robotic arc welding, a $7B market with a severe and growing labor shortage. We showed that a welder with no prior robotics or programming experience could learn to create complex production-quality welding programs in one day, and our system reduced their part programming times by 12x, giving it a clear customer ROI.

"Scalable Robotics is really excited to be selected by A3 and Cowen in their Cowen Startup Challenge: Automate to Outperform at this year’s Automate 2022 in Detroit. We are glad that Cowen is again lending their support to the startup community as the cost to be at the show can be outside of an early startup’s budget. And it is important that new technologies from startups like Scalable make it into the marketplace help improve manufacturing’s productivity."

Voaige is building re-programmable Operating AI for robotic arms to automate complex tasks in logistics and manufacturing.

"Advanced automation will significantly improve quality and the impact of manufacturing/logistics jobs. Affordable, versatile and scalable automation will provide boosts to the economy that are still underestimated. This would also require a gradual restructuring of society at a scale akin to the previous industrial revolution."


Tuesday, June 7, 2022
2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
The Automate Show Theater
Free for all Automate attendees

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Meet the Judges

The winner of this competition will be determined by a panel of industry expert judges, including:

Mark Lewandowski
Procter & Gamble

Melonee Wise
Zebra Technologies, Fetch Robotics

Steven Schwartzberg


This year’s competition is sponsored by Cowen, a multinational, independent investment bank and financial services company.

“The people behind startups continue to play a critical role in the development of new technology, and this competition is a way for us to support and usher in new growth, while providing a spotlight for these new technologies in front of potential partners.” — Cowen