Automate Show Launch Pad Startup Competition

Automate Launch Pad Competition 2019 Finalists
Firefly Dimension Inc.  - Firefly is dedicated to developing the largest field-of-view, standalone, and the most cost-effective Augmented Reality (AR) headsets for industrial applications.
Innovative Mechatronic Systems B.V. - IM Systems developed the Archimedes Drive, a toothless gearbox with speed reducer technology, that brings groundbreaking improvements in performance compared to current drive solutions.
Realtime Robotics - Realtime Robotics works with customers to create highly adaptable robotic systems for application to the vast majority of industrial tasks which are in dynamic environments, as well as to enable autonomous driving platforms to achieve superior safety at normal driving speeds, even in the complex urban driving environments.
Southie Autonomy - Southie Autonomy builds intelligent robot software that enables ANY industrial robot to be re-purposed and re-deployed by ANY person, without robotics expertise or even computer skills. 
Ubiros - Ubiros builds soft robot hands that conform to the shape of objects to avoid damaging or bruising fragile objects.
WiBotic, Inc. -WiBotic provides wireless charging and power optimization solutions with their patented Adaptive Matching technology built into every system, improving upon established methods for magnetic resonance and inductive power transfer, to provide the power levels and increased antenna range drones and robots demand. 
Wilder Systems - Wilder Systems is expanding the range of feasible robotic applications by introducing collaborative, multi-functional robots into aerospace manufacturing.

The seven finalists will compete for the top prize at Automate 2019 on April 10 at 3:00pm in a theater on the exhibition floor at McCormick Place in Chicago, where they will pitch their technology solution to a panel of judges. All finalists will also be awarded booth space at Automate, giving them the opportunity to engage with over 20,000 expected attendees.

"Automation is among the most dynamic emerging markets, with venture funding increasing robustly each year," stated Jeff Burnstein, president of A3. "The finalists in the Automate Launch Pad Startup Competition represent the many types of innovation that will transform the manufacturing and services sectors over the next decade."

The winner will be chosen by the following panel of distinguished judges:

Oliver Mitchell, Autonomy Ventures
Tom Ryden, MassRobotics

Startup Competition Eligibility Requirements
Companies in the automation space (robotics, vision, motion control, etc.) who were founded in the last 5 years; raised less than US $5 million since creation; and not affiliated with or belonging to a larger group.

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