Martin Ettenberg

Martin H. Ettenberg, PhD.

Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Ettenberg is currently the founder of Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc., a company dedicated to commercialization of NIR/SWIR detection technologies. He has been developing InGaAs detectors for over 14 years at Sensors Unlimited Inc./Goodrich Corporation.

Martin was a principal investigator on many government programs, then a product manager, Director of Imaging Products, Director of Business Development and Director of R&D. Some of the products he lead the development on included the SUI Minicamera, SUI MicroCamera, and the SU640SDV.

Martin was also the lead on several other larger government research programs/proposals including DARPA’s PCAR, MISI, and DUDE programs. He led the development of the first night-vision-capable InGaAs camera which was later commercialized as the SU320MX. This camera demonstrated a factor of 20 improvement in detectivity over the prior state-of-the-art. In addition to fabricating larger focal plane arrays and more sensitive cameras he was instrumental in developing smaller cameras for robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles. A one year project named the 320 Minicamera reduced the camera size by a factor of 8 while reducing the weight by a factor of 10. His DARPA worked lead to his nomination in 2005 for the DARPA Significant Achievement Award.