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Due Date: Monday, October 1, 2018

Thank you for your willingness to teach in the educational conference at Automate. In addition to the standard and new technology topics, the 2019 Conference will place a special emphasis on the needs of small and medium sized companies seeking the information they need to deploy automation. If you would like to participate with a non-commercial, educational presentation, please fill out the form below and click submit.  Fields marked with * are required. Speakers will be notified of acceptance via email. Selected speakers will receive complimentary registration for the Automate conference. 

Among the topics our audience is interested in are (note: this is not an exhaustive list, please suggest your desired audience-appropriate topic):







Introduction to  Automation Technology
- Getting started with robotics
- Getting started with machine vision
- Choosing motion control components/systems
- Working with system integrators
- Introduction to robotic safety
- What you need to know about digital (connected) factories
- Case studies - especially first implementations of automation

The Business Case for Automation
- Understanding the benefits of automation
- Is automation right for your company?
- How to prepare an automation ROI calculation
- How to prepare your workforce for automation
- Successful case studies of new automation implementations

Smart Manufacturing Trends
- Trends in smart manufacturing/automation
- Cloud-based AI and IoT business solutions
- Predictive maintenance solutions
- Cyber security in an IoT world
- Bringing IT and OT  together
- AR or VR in industry
- OPC-UA in automation
- Digital twins and real-time data
- 5G connectivity and manufacturing applications
- Edge and Fog computing
- Blockchain for industry

Building an AI or Smart Manufacturing Strategy
- How to evaluate an AI solution
- AI solutions: where to begin?
- How to accelerate a digital transformation
- What's your big data strategy?
- Exploring advanced business analytics
- Evaluating software
- Evaluating cyber security needs

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends
- Real world use cases for AI and machine learning
- AI or machine learning applications in robotics
- Asset and inventory management using machine learning
- Addressing AI ethics and bias concerns
- General artificial intelligence: how close are we?
- Natural language processing applications for smart manufacturing
- AI process controls
- AI, machine learning and vision applications for quality control
- Improving production/limiting waste with machine learning
- Human - AI collaboration

Automation Research and Academia
- The future of human-robot collaboration
- Using robots as a service
- Advances in "smart" robotics
- Advances in machine learning algorithms
- Advances in vision and imaging
- Material advances improving efficiencies
- Human-machine interface advances
- 3D printing in manufacturing

Collaborative and Mobile Robots
- Collaborative vs. industrial robots
- Safety implications with collaborative robots
- How to implement mobile robots
- Human-robot collaboration
- Automating warehousing and logistics
- Collaborative robots for high mix, low volume production
- User case studies

Advanced Robotics
- Robot simulation
- Advances in robotics software and programming
- Launching multiple robots
- Advanced end-of-arm tooling
- Robotic machine loading, tending, bin picking, etc.
- Vision guided robotics
- Robotic inspection
- Robot safety - how to perform a risk assessment
- Unique applications using robotics
- User case studies

Vision and Imaging
- Embedded / computer vision
- Vision's role in IoT
- 3D vision techniques
- Vision guided robotics
- Smart cameras / vision sensors
- Neural networks / deep learning
- Time of flight sensors
- Software tools for vision and robotics
- Vision systems integration
- Vision in autonomous vehicles
- Real-time video applications
- Non-visible imaging
- Emerging machine vision applications
- Vision inspection techniques
- Case studies of successful vision applications
- Vision and imaging in industries such as life sciences, agriculture,
   security, surveillance, electronics, automotive, etc.

Motion Control Components and Systems
- Advances in motion control technology
- Advances in programmable controls
- Realizing improvements in productivity with motion control
- Advanced motion control applications
- Design performance issues and how to overcome them
- Virtual commissioning  for risk-free design
- Advances in linear transport technology
- Adding algorithm intelligence to machines and systems
- Industrial networking technologies, methods, etc.
- TSN - time sensitive networks
- OPC-UA protocol
- Innovations in electric motors
- New servo drive technology
- Machine design best practices
- Drives-based integrated safety
- Linear actuator applications
- Advances in linear transport technology

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