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Our robotic gripper, Gentle, can handle the most delicate objects (think tomatoes) without damaging or bruising them. It is the first fully electrically operated soft gripper, so unlike the alternatives, it does not require a pressurized air source or any other peripheral equipment. Thus, Gentle is significantly more deployable on any existing robotic system than the competition. Gentle uses soft fingers that conform to the shape of objects naturally even if the target object shape and size vary significantly. Because of its simple and lean design, Gentle costs a tenth of what the closest alternative system costs. 1- Position and Speed control: Gentle allows for position and speed control. In other words, users can choose how much they want to close/open the fingers and how quickly they want to do this very easily with simple serial commands. This would be very difficult with pneumatic systems if not impossible 2- Cost effectiveness: Gentle costs a tenth of the closest alternative gripper. 3- Simplicity: Pneumatic systems come with a bulky air compressor, a control box and tubes whereas Gentle has everything in one little gripper box. 4- Deployability: Gentle is compatible with all robotic arms. We can place our gripper even on mobile bases or drones thanks to its "untethered" design and lightweight.

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