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Four generations of solving your wire, cable and component protection and bundling issues. For the past 60+ years, the Zippertubing® Company has been engineering the most versatile protection ever manufactured for wire, cable, tubing, and other materials. We offer wraparound, repairable, re-enterable, flexible jacketing and shielding systems that feature multiple unique closures. This allows fast, easy use on new or existing installations. Our proven and custom-engineered solutions provide bundling, thermal management, water-blocking and EMI hardening, as well as flame, chemical, and abrasion resistance. The wide selection of materials and configurations makes Zippertubing® your choice for practical and effective solutions for almost any type of industry. Wire Bundling & Cable Management: Our wire and cable bundling product lines offer you the opportunity to add additional abrasion protection, chemical resistance, or insulation to your cable bundle. The wraparound products offer an easy install process that does not require disconnection of your cable assembly. Additionally, Zippertubing's products provide a closed system, which insures no dirt, debris, or other foreign objects will penetrate the cable bundle and damage the individual wires or cables within your harness. Heat Shrink Products: These products provide insulation, strain relief, and protection for a wide range of electrical wire or cables. Our heat shrink products are patented heat-shrinkable, wraparound solutions for on-site installation and repairs. You have the opportunity to add a wide variety of additional characteristics to a wire bundle, including water blocking, strain relief, EMI/RFI shielding, and chemical and thermal protection. Thermal Management: Our heat protection products are not solely limited to tubular forms for cables and pipes alone; they can also be produced in custom shapes with different closure methods. The Zippertubing® Company offers a wide range of thermal management solutions that can be fully customized to suit your specific needs. EMI Shielding: With 60 years of solid technical experience, Zippertubing® has the facilities and versatility to design, fabricate, manufacture, and supply a wide variety of EMI/RFI, lightning, EMP, and ESD shielded jackets or enclosures for military and commercial applications. We have a solution that will solve your interference problems quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. The Zippertubing® Company. American Made. Bundle. Shield. Protect. Custom solutions for custom applications. Bundle. Shield. Protect. The Zippertubing® Company.

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