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Seismic™ Powered Clothing is a fusion of apparel and robotics, designed to reduce muscle strain and fatigue by providing your core with extra power and stability. The seismic suit is a lightweight form factor garment that fits the human body that is easy to don/doff. Discrete Electric Muscles provide strength and deliver complementary power assist to help the wearer do everyday job tasks more efficiently. The seismic suit helps prevent workplace injuries reducing the cost to employers of absenteeism, and presenteeism, and can help reduce insurance claims/premiums. Seismics Locker software provides real-time data Insights. Wearers consistently report a reduction in pain, fatigue, and exertion.

  • Motion Control Equipment
  • Power Transmission, Actuators & Mechanics
  • Robots - Industrial
  • Robots - Mobile
  • Safety & Ergonomic Equipment
  • Sensors & Sensor Integrated Systems
  • Software - Other
  • System Integration - Robotics
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