Neurocle Inc.

30, Godeokbizvalley-ro 4-gil
Seoul, 05203 Korea, South

Tel: +82 (108) 910-7818
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Neurocle is a rapidly expanding AI startup specializing in deep learning vision inspection software, aimed at revolutionizing industries through accessible technology. Our core offering includes Neuro-T, Neuro-X, and Neuro-R, with a commitment to providing not only optimal model performance but also user-friendly GUI, intelligent labeling tools, flowchart, inference center, and other features that enhance user convenience. Neuro-T and Neuro-X serve as training software for deep learning models, catering to both non-experts and experts alike. Neuro-T stands out as our flagship product, boasting ease of use for non-experts while delivering high performance through our Auto Deep Learning Algorithm. Neuro-X provides options for experts to fine-tune parameters and architectures according to their needs. Neuro-R serves as a Runtime Library, designed for deployment in production environments, offering convenience with various example codes and the ability to call multiple models with a single API. Complementing our cutting-edge technology is our commitment to providing swift technical support, underscoring our dedication to user satisfaction. Neurocle stands at the forefront of democratizing deep learning vision software, making advanced AI accessible to all. With an impressive annual growth rate of 175%, Neurocle boasts a prestigious clientele including industry giants like Hyundai Motor, LG, Amkor, P&G, as well as esteemed institutions such as the National Academy of Sciences and leading university hospitals. Expanding our footprint globally, we've penetrated markets in the US, Europe, and Asia, achieving remarkable sales growth. Our focus on user-friendly interfaces, intelligent labeling tools, and features like flowchart and inference center reflects our dedication to enhancing user convenience and providing the best possible experience.

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