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When the world’s top manufacturers and integrators in automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment need to measure, track, or scan components, they call NDI. Why? Because nobody can beat the accuracy, reliability, and scalability of our optical metrology systems. Designed for portable shop-floor use or integration into robotic-based inspection, the PRO CMM active tracker can measure parts or fixtures up to 7.5 m in a single setup—right at the source—with micron-level accuracy and repeatability. Measure and analyze the static poses and dynamic performance of robots. The PRO CMM can be used to calibrate industrial robots and enable adaptive (closed-loop) precision robotic assembly and inspection cells. Add the power of blue-laser scanning to inspection routines with the ScanTRAK II 3D laser scanner. Scan complex parts in 6DOF—even dark, shiny or multi-coloured surfaces—with exceptional detail and resolution. Measurements are recorded with low noise, generating point clouds that require minimal post-processing. The ScanTRAK II or the NDI Multi-Sided Probe can also be mounted to the robot end-effector, with feedback data integrated directly with the robot controller. For smaller-volume metrology applications, the Polaris Vega IND250 passive tracker provides precise wireless tool tracking via retro-reflective markers. With nearly 40 years of metrology expertise, NDI continues to lead the way in setting new standards for measurement capabilities and performance.

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