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The Archimedes Drive is a unique innovation in speed reducer technology, that brings groundbreaking improvements in performance compared to current drive solutions. This is because our drive does not have gear teeth, but rather works on traction, allowing us to build it as a compound drive. The compound drive has always been seen as the perfect solution for numerous industrial applications, however, due to the limitation of gear teeth, its full potential could never be realized. Since we use traction instead of gears, we can finally harness the full benefits of such a system. In short, these are that our technology is lighter, smaller, more precise, more efficient, has no upper limit in gear ratio, and can be manufactured at a lower cost. What this means, is that engineers can finally make affordable robots that are small, lightweight, and have a significantly higher precision. Our company IMSystems was established with the aim to turn the Archimedes Drive from an idea into a commercial product, and ultimately to make it the golden standard of the mechatronic industry. Our ambition is to become the global market leader in the supply of speed reducers to the robotics industry. The Archimedes Drive has been invented by our CEO, Jack Schorsch, who formed an interdisciplinary team of founders while participating in an entrepreneurship course at the world-class incubator YES!Delft. The team is growing rapidly, adding a new engineer every three weeks on average. At Automate, you can see our world-record setting technology up close and in person. We will also be taking our very first pre-orders for the next generation of development drives at Automate. We look forward to seeing you there.

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