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Accelerating Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Development.

Guidance Automation has 25+ years’ experience in developing an innovative, flexible and robust suite of Guidance, Navigation and Control technologies for Autonomous Mobile Robots. We have supplied these solutions to many of the world’s leading AMR/AGV makers.

Today we offer our engineering expertise and our GNC products to help our clients develop class-leading Autonomous Mobile Robots.

Typical areas of engagement include:

  • Upgrading line/marker follower vehicle types
  • Enabling system integrators to develop new AMRs
  • Helping electric vehicle OEMs to add autonomous variants to their vehicle range, e.g. tow tractors, forklift trucks, floor cleaners and more.

Have a vehicle or vehicle design?

Yes. Automate with our configurable GNC products.

No. No problem. Base your vehicle on our industry-proven AMR starter kit or standard vehicle base, troNnik.

Our GNC technologies include:

  • moNitrav™: Autonomous Mobile Robot Traffic Management.

Harnessing the power of Industry 4.0, moNitrav™ provides dynamic task scheduling, route generation and real time data analysis. moNitrav™ manages the movement of autonomous vehicles around the work environment to ensure optimal process throughput and effective use of resources.

  • kingpiN™: Generic Robotic Vehicle Controller.

A smart controller specifically designed and built for Autonomous Mobile Robot applications. A built-in pedigree that accelerates robotic vehicle development without compromising the user’s ability to stay in control of vehicle functionality.

Supports all vehicle drive configurations and forms the central component of a scalable Guidance, Navigation and Control solution.

  • SCENE Natural Feature Navigation: An intelligent, laser-based natural feature navigation system. This means no wires, tapes or navigation marks. Capable of navigating by reference to existing features within the working environment.
  • BEACON. The most accurate laser navigation system on the market.

AMR Starter Kit and standard vehicle base:

AMRCore-100: An Autonomous Mobile Robot Starter Kit designed to significantly reduce time to deployment. AMRCore-100 is easily configured for your specific application; simply add your desired vehicle body and peripherals. AMR development has never been simpler – AMRCore-100 includes a Build Book and Bill of Materials and is ready to work out of the box!

troNnik: A collaborative, Autonomous Mobile Robot designed to minimise repetitive and unproductive tasks in a wide range of piece pick and place applications including e-commerce fulfilment, warehousing, distribution, production, health care and automobile assembly. troNnik is easily configured for your specific application, for example, Mobile Conveyor (with/without elevator), Mobile Robot Arm, Tow Tractor, Tote Carrier Shelving Unit, Tote Carrier and more.

To see a real application in action visit Matthews Automation Solutions at ProMat 2019 (Booth #S1631) and see troNnik configured as a mobile conveyor (iNcaart™) and autonomous pick cart (briNgbot™) complete with integrated pick/put to light system!

If you’d like to accelerate the development of your advanced AMR, Guidance Automation is your ideal partner. Visit our Booth (#6074) to see how we can help and see our solutions in action.

If you’re not able to visit, or want to get started today, contact our automation experts on

+44 116 243 6250 or email

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