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FUJIFILM is engaged in the research, development and manufacturing in addition; FUJIFILM is making use of its advanced optical and mechanical engineering technology accumulated by the company through long years of development experience across a wide range of products in order to expand the range of its fields of business. FUJIFILM is a leader in optical technologies, offering a wide range of lenses for the age of high resolution digital imaging. FUJIFILM has developed technologies needed in today’s demanding industry including FUJIFILM 4D High Resolution, High Relative Illumination and Anti-Vibration & Shock that have been incorporated into the Fujinon product line. Fujinon new 1.1” series lenses the CFZA-1S includes these unique features making them the best rated in their class. FUJIFILM is committed to delivering an extensive product lineup, perfected in pursuit of high performance, high image quality and high product quality. FUJIFILM will be highlighting their “New” digital X-ray inspection system to detect inside flaws of critical parts and components in industry. DynamIx Radiography Testing System with the new FXR Digital Detector Array and HR2 Computed Radiography scanner; one of the best solutions for radiographic testing that provides exceptional image quality and increased productivity. The FXR digital detector panel has a resolution up to 100 micron with a large detective area of 16”x16”, for high volume inspections with the ability to expose multiple components at once. The HR2 Computed Radiography system offers the top level resolution of up to 25 micron that can show the minute defects in castings and electronic substrates. Our FXR and HR2 are operated on a common image acquisition/viewing software platform; DynamIx VU. With FUJIFILM’s industry leading advanced image processing technology exposure results can be acquired within a wide dynamic range, enabling inspections of components with various thicknesses. DynamIx VU also has server options providing storage, networking and sharing of the inspection images within company and customer’s remote locations.

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