Framos Technologies Inc.

2733 Lancaster Rd.
Suite 210
Ottawa, Ontario K1B 0A9 Canada

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FRAMOS® is the leading global expert in vision systems, dedicated to innovation and excellence in enabling devices to see and think. For more than 40 years, the company has supported clients worldwide in building pioneering vision systems, empowering breakthroughs in diverse sectors. Throughout all phases of vision system development and deployment, companies rely on FRAMOS’ proven expertise in component selection, consulting, customization, prototyping, and mass production. Leveraging a broad portfolio of services as well as hardware and software solutions, the experts at FRAMOS are committed to delivering state-of-the-art imaging solutions for the world of tomorrow. Thanks to its customer-centric focus and its excellence in engineering, production, and supply chain management, FRAMOS has successfully established a large base of loyal customers in all major sectors and industries. FRAMOS is a global company with over 180 employees serving the European, American, and Asia-Pacific markets. The main offices are in Germany, Canada, the USA, Italy, and Croatia, while the company also has a local presence in China and Japan.

  • Cameras
  • Embedded Vision Processors
  • Optics & Lenses
  • Sensors & Sensor Integrated Systems
  • Vision Systems
  • Consulting Services
  • Engineering Services
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