Elite Robotics Corp

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Camarillo, CA 93012 USA

Tel: (805) 987-6217

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Robotics Simplified! Built in AI and standardized component pieces to make it straightforward to get a complete work cell up and running. We've built in all the low-level programming so that you only need to write an assembly procedure. Our AI augmented robot control software enables true "point and click" procedure creation. Adding to that, we've taken robotic vision to a whole new level. Our 3D vision modules come fully integrated. No more interfaces to puzzle out. No additional software coding needed to adapt camera functionality to your application. We've done the integration for you! Our 3D vision modules allow fixtures and the even the robot to be bumped, moved or shifted before and during operation. None of our fixtures need to be placed with precision and don't even need to be bolted down. The built-in advanced DSP and AI will automatically re-calibrate on the fly to accommodate their changes in placement. All of these advantages quickly add up to save you time and money. Our Newest Product Featuring: The Pin Sorter Work cell. This fully integrated system can pick up micro miniature pins from a bag of loose parts and with high accuracy place them in an array on the target tray.

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  • System Integration - Robotics

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