Cloud 9 Perception, Inc. (C9P)

500 W. 2nd St. #1900
Austin, Texas 78701 United States

Tel: (817) 381-9036
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C9P's AI-based software solution provides inventory visibility for receiving and shipping in warehousing and logistics. The C9P software stack infers detailed data from high quality 2D images and depth (or 3D) data. C9P's software removes manual data entry and moves 'beyond the barcode' for pallet and product identification and tracking.

  • Automatic Identification & Data Collection/RFID
  • Cameras
  • Frame Grabbers & Processing Boards
  • Optics & Lenses
  • Sensors & Sensor Integrated Systems
  • Software - Vision & AI
  • Vision Systems
  • System Integration - Vision
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