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Orange, CA 92865 USA

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AAEON provides complete machine vision solutions. In addition to manufacturing vision controllers, AAEON cooperates with many different partners, including camera vendors like Basler, FLIR, IDS, and Baumer, and also machine vision software vendors like Mvtec Merlic and Halcon. Also, AAEON’s BOX PCs are compatible with CameraLink and CoaXpress Frame Grabber Cards, as AAEON has worked with Euresys on these technologies. AAEON’s quality assurance tests always follow strict protocols to ensure that controllers, cameras, and software systems can work together smoothly and be completely compatible. Our tireless dedication to innovation and improvement means that that when you buy AAEON products, you’re buying tried and tested technologies that won’t let you down. The AI revolution has begun, and thanks to this technology, workplaces, cities, and homes are becoming safer, production lines are more efficient and reliable, and employees are increasingly able to focus their time and talents on the type of creative work that they always wanted to do. None of this would be possible, though, without powerful hardware, and AAEON stands at the forefront of this industry. We develop the systems, boards and modules that can help you implement both cloud-based and edge AI applications. Whatever industry you’re in, AAEON AI solutions can give you the edge you need to thrive in our constantly changing world.

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