SWIR Vision Systems Introduces First Commercial Full-HD SWIR Cameras

SWIR Vision Systems

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, March 20, 2019 – SWIR Vision Systems Inc., today announced the commercial launch, production and sales of the AcurosTM high definition, short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera.   This new class 
of SWIR band cameras, the first featuring Quantum Dot sensor technology, will compete directly with incumbent 
InGaAs SWIR cameras, delivering higher resolution, lower cost points, and global exportability to the Vision 
Industry.  The introduction of 1920 x 1080 HD cameras brings full 2.1MP high definition imaging to commercial 
SWIR applications. 

"AcurosTM CQDTM Full HD cameras deliver more then 6X the pixel resolution compared to InGaAs VGA cameras, 
delivering higher field-of-view and superior clarity to users with the need to resolve the finest details”, said 
George Wildeman, CEO of SWIR Vision Systems.  “Our intent is to drive down the cost per megapixel in SWIR 
imaging, disrupting the cost and performance curve for vision systems designers,” said Wildeman. 

The company will exhibit their family of high resolution cameras operating over the 400-1700nm spectral band 
at the AUTOMATE trade fair, in Chicago, on April 8-11, demonstrating the camera’s utility and value for silicon 
inspection, machine vision, surveillance and security systems, hyperspectral imaging and other core SWIR 
applications.  The company manufactures and ships the Acuros cameras globally from its operations center in 
Research Triangle Park, NC, USA. 

About SWIR Vision Systems  –  SWIR Vision Systems, a North Carolina based startup company, has pioneered the development and introduction of high definition, Colloidal Quantum Dot (CQDTM) infrared image sensor 
technology for infrared cameras, delivering breakthrough sensor capability.  Imaging in the short wavelength IR 
has become critical for next generation 3D mobile phones sensors, automotive lidar and a range of applications in multiple industries.

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