Novacam 3D metrology systems enable manufacturing process improvement: Visit Automate 2019 Booth #8558

Novacam Technologies Inc.

Novacam Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures non-contact 3D metrology systems for applications across high-precision industries.  
Novacam Technologies will be present at Automate 2019 in Chicago, IL, April 8-11, 2019. Visit the Novacam booth #8558 to see some of our latest non-contact 3D metrology systems and equipment, including a 0.5 mm-diameter non-contact probe for measuring small-diameter bores, tubes, and other hard-to-reach spaces. 
Featured Novacam systems will include: 
BoreInspect: This non-contact optical measurement system provides micron-precision 3D measurements of bore interiors and other tight spaces. Its rotational probe easily enters such spaces to measure their complete inside geometry. Its compact and modular design supports both standalone use and integration into work cells where the BoreInspect rotational scanner is deployed as a robot end-effector. The BoreInspect can measure every dimensional detail of inside diameter (ID), including undercuts, chamfers, threads, rifling, Oring grooves, splines, lands, and edge breaks.  Additional measurements include roughness, chatter, defects and thickness of semi-transparent materials. 
SurfaceInspect: SurfaceInspect is a modular, non-contact 3D metrology system that provides micron-precision 3D measurements of surfaces made of: metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, silicon, polymers, adhesive, composites, as well as liquids and biological tissue.  Measuring in a raster fashion, the SurfaceInspect enables fully configurable automated inspection and supports user-defined specifications for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), roughness, waviness, etc.  The system helps in the detection of defects such as burrs, scratches, and porosities, and measures thickness of semitransparent materials, including polymers and biological samples/ tissue. 
About Novacam
Novacam Technologies designs and manufactures non-contact 3D metrology systems for industrial and scientific applications across high-precision sectors including aerospace, automotive, power, defense, medical instruments, electronics, glass, and biomedical, among others. Our 3D metrology systems are suitable for fully-automated inspection and are available worldwide.  Novacam products are used internationally in online hightechnology high-throughput manufacturing processes, QA/QC laboratories, R&D laboratories. Clients value Novacam systems for their high precision, speed, versatility of installation, the ability to inspect hard-to-reach surfaces and the ability to operate in hostile environments including cryogenic, very hot, high pressure, and radioactive. 
For many installations in high-throughput manufacturing facilities, Novacam systems offer measurements and process insight beyond the initial client requirements. For example, Novacam BoreInspect and TubeInspect systems, designed to quickly measure inside diameters (IDs) of drilled bores and tubes, often end up helping clients to monitor the performance of the cutting tools used to create those bores.  
Micron-precision measurements of IDs diagnose cutting tool performance 
In measuring the IDs high-precision bores and tubes, the BoreInspect and TubeInspect are able to track micron-precision diameter changes in successive components. Changes in diameter measurements or the appearance of particular defects often signify the wear of high-cost cutting tools.  By monitoring the effect of the tool’s wear on the bore ID measurements, clients are able to optimize the replacement or reconditioning scheduling of their tools. In the case of high-precision and high-cost drills, mills, or reamers, savings are significant.  
Savings for manufacturers on multiple levels
How are the savings achieved? First, clients cut down or eliminate scrap that would result from out of-spec cutting tools. Second, cutting tools can be used to their maximum life potential – i.e., instead of being reconditioned or replaced at pre-set intervals, they can be used as long as the bores meet user-set geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) parameters or roughness parameter values.  Third, with high-price consumables such as high-precision cutting tools, clients can actually evaluate the performance and longevity promised by their suppliers. As such, clients are more informed when it comes to evaluating tooling vendors and when it’s time to select their next batch of machining tool consumables. 
Measurements in seconds instead of minutes or hours
The measurement speed and precision of Novacam 3D metrology systems as well as their versatility in deployment all contribute to process improvement and savings. Novacam’s BoreInspect, TubeInspect, SurfaceInspect, and EdgeInspect systems acquire surfaces with micron precision in a point-by-point matter at up to 100,000 3D point measurements per second. GD&T measurements that take minutes or hours with CMMs take seconds with Novacam systems, even in hard-to-reach spaces such as tubes, blind bores, dies, cylinders and hollow shafts.  Based on the acquired 3D point cloud, third party GD&T software calculates parameters such as 3D profiles, IDs and ODs, straightness or flatness, etc. Automated scanning sequences and go-no-go reporting facilitate and speed up the entire inspection.  
Contact Information
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