Leoni to feature interactive vision-guided assembly system and latest solutions for factory automation at the Automate Show

LEONI Engineering Products & Services

Presenting solutions in turnkey machine vision systems, robotic cable management, automation systems training, and automation support services.

Lake Orion, MI, 2 April 2019 – Leoni Engineering Products & Services, Inc. (Leoni EPS), North America's leading automation solution provider in machine vision systems, robotic cable management, and automation training to showcase the latest interactive vision-guided assembly demonstration and latest solutions for factory automation at the Automate Show in Chicago, IL from April 8-11 at Booth 7507.

As a leading AIA Certified Systems Integrator (CSI), Leoni’s Vision Solutions team creates turnkey machine vision systems to solve the most difficult machine vision inspection, assembly, and verification problems.

“As a system integrator, we’re excited to showcase our latest interactive vision-guided assembly demo, which shows how vision can enhance the user to solve the most complex industrial challenges today,” notes James Reed, Vision Product Manager at Leoni Engineering Products and Services, Inc. in Lake Orion, MI.

Solutions for calibration and validation
In addition to vision, Leoni will be featuring the advintec® TCP – robotic tool calibration, the Wheel & Tire Validation System –verifying the correct tire and wheel assembly, and the newest cable management solutions for both collaborative and lightweight industrial applications. This includes the Leoni B-Flex and the latest Leoni B-Flex P3 – cable solution for all picking, packing, and palletizing applications.

Certified cables to CC-Link IE standard
Leoni will also present cable and cable systems for motion controlled drive mechanisms, which include the FieldLink® product line providing solutions for every type of industrial communication. Also featured will be the new CC-Link IE Field cables certified by the CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association) for use in industrial environments and meet the requirements for 1 Gbps Ethernet.

To learn more, visit Leoni at Booth 7507 at the Automate Show.

About Leoni Engineering Products & Services, Inc.
Leoni Engineering Products & Services, Inc. (Leoni EPS), part of Leoni AG, is North America’s leading solutions-focused automation service provider serving customers in the areas of Turnkey Machine Vision systems, Robotic Cable Management, Automation Systems Training, and Automation Support services. Leoni EPS is helping customers in the general manufacturing, automotive, consumer packaged goods, utilities, and other related industries to solve their most difficult assembly, automated inspection, and quality-control challenges. To learn more about Leoni EPS, call (248) 484-5500.

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