Introducing the RH N Kits

Nabtesco Motion Control

RH-N KitsOne of our goals in 2019 is to make the customer experience more seamless. That is why we are introducing our new pre-engineered solution in the form of the RH-N Kits.

RH-N Kits utilize our newest series of gearboxes, the RV-N Series. The RV-N Series is up to 20% smaller and 30% lighter than our original RV-E series. The RH-N Kit marries the RV-N gearbox, resulting in a housed component for a plug and play solution that cuts down on engineering time, lead time and the installation process. The RH-N directly bolts onto your servo motor without the need of additional components.

SO, what makes up an RH-N Kit?

  • Any RV-N Series Gearbox
  • Input Pinion
  • RH-N Middle Flange
  • RH-N Motor Flange
  • Oil Seals
  • O Rings
  • Fasteners

RH N Kit expanded

Why Use the RH-N Kit?
The RH-N has been adapted to most servo motors for your design/application. Nabtesco’s value added solution will work on all RV-N series gear reducers with any standard ratios.

There is no machining required of the input pinion, you simply bolt it together. No more requirements to manufacture and machine motor plates and housings. Saving time and Engineering hours is the value-added advantages of the RH-N kits.

All you have to do is install it!

Reducing Lead Times and the Build Process?
RH-N KitAll RH-N Kits will be designed and manufactured right here in the USA. Nabtesco will have a 2-week lead time on all none stocked items, in an effort to reduce the customers project lead time. As we mentioned in our annual distributor meeting, one of our main objectives for 2019 is to increase stock levels to allow for JIT delivery. Nabtesco Motion Control, Inc. has increased our stock levels for 2019, thus allowing for a 2-week delivery in most cases.

Nabtesco is offering optional complete assembly of the RH-N Kit:

At our facility, we are capable to make various configurations out of the RV-N gearbox body. To make life easier, we also will offer to fully assemble the RH-N together to the RV-N gearbox of the customer’s choice. This installation process will include a completed assembly of the kit and gearbox excluding grease. All oil seals will be installed properly and all bolts will be torqued to the proper specks to complete the assembly process.

All finished assemblies will be boxed and secured for transportation to end user.

(Note) The end user will be required to install the proper grease or oil levels from one of the Nabtesco lubricant products: RV-oil, RV Grease, Vigo Grease or Molly White.

Another method of shipping
We can also send you the component pieces of the kit to assemble yourselves. Depending on the application, this may allow greater flexibility to the end user.

Comparison between RD2 and RHN Series
Our RD2-S & RD2-R use the RV-E series, and the size stops at 320 (rated torque). With the RV-N series, the size goes up to 900 (rated torque). We plan to see a migration towards the RV-N Series, and in turn the RH-N Kits. The reasoning behind this is 2-fold.

Firstly, our RV-N series gearboxes are smaller, lighter and more powerful than our traditional RV-E series. Secondly, as a customer you’re going to receive everything you need to put it together.

Any Questions?
We are dedicated to making this process as seamless as possible. If you have any questions about our RH-N Kits, the process, or other topics we have missed; we want to hear from you.

Is the installation process something your customers would see as valuable? We want to know!

Please feel free to respond to this email as it will go directly to our sales team, or reach out them directly. You will find their emails attached at the bottom of the newsletter.

We are looking forward to a great year in 2019 working together!

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