Gear alignment automated with vision application from Radix

AIS Technologies Group

Radix Technology Solutions, a division of the AIS Technologies Group, is pleased to announce the release of a new vision application at the trade show & conference “Automate 2019”. This vision application, called Gear Tooth Alignment Analytics, is designed to automate the process of precisely aligning differential pinion & gears.

This configurable vision application inspects individual gear teeth (drive & coast), precisely calculating gear mesh contact patterns. With real-time feedback to the operator, this stand-alone application ensures the achievement of rapid & accurate pinion & gear alignment. Additional data provided by Gear Tooth Alignment Analytics includes length & width of pattern, position along the flank, total contact area, along with other metrics of value to gear analysis. An additional benefit to this product is that it requires only minimal rouging on each gear – a process and material savings of substantial value.

“Radix is well known for our ability to solve tricky manufacturing problems with clever technologies,“ says Josh Capogna, VP, Product Innovation. “This is one more example of our commitment to innovation in intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0.”

Headquartered in Windsor, Ontario, Radix Technology Solutions designs and delivers award winning intelligent manufacturing technology solutions for major North American automotive manufacturers, as well as pharmaceutical, food/beverage, and aerospace manufacturers. Radix offers vision systems, robotics, automation and software with locations in Windsor and Mississauga, Ontario, Trenton, Michigan and Montreal, Quebec. Radix Technology Solutions is a division of AIS Technologies Group Inc., part of the AIS group of companies.

Come speak to our technology experts at Automate 2019 in booth N7904.

For more information, contact:
Shelley Fellows, Vice-President, Communications
Voice (519) 737-1012 ext. 717

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