AndrosRobotics Showcases Unique Actuator for Cobots at Automate 2017

AndrosRobotics LLC

Boston, MA – Dubbed one of “….the industry’s most innovative young companies in robotics….” by Association for Advancing Automation (A3), AndrosRobotics will demonstrate an exceptionally low-cost linear actuator with high fidelity force control and superior haptic response at the Automate 2017 show, booth #2500. Targeted squarely at collaborative and human-safe robotic applications, it is substantially more cost-effective and easier to integrate than what’s currently available commercially. The company is also among 8 finalists in the 2017 Automate Launch Pad Startup competition. 

“With our actuators we are effectively democratizing the rare and expensive technology of force control. This is critical, because force control gives robots truly collaborative qualities, enabling safety and modes of operation like teach-and-replay. From now on, even small and medium size companies can bring innovative robotic products to market” says Dr. Maciej Pietrusinski, founder of the company. The underlying technology is Series Elastic Actuation (SEA), which can be found embedded in several robotic products. However, no company has brought the SEA technology to market as a self-contained actuator at an economical price point for service robotics. AndrosRobotics’ patent-pending Compliant Force Control Module (CFCM) makes it possible to do exactly that, thanks to an improved design. This product was made possible by funding from the National Science Foundation through the SBIR program. 

About AndrosRobotics 
AndrosRobotics is a spin-off from Northeastern University's Biomedical Mechatronics Laboratory. The company designs, develops, manufactures and sells innovative force-controlled actuators. They are factory tuned, inherently safe, and ideal for human-robot interaction. AndrosRobotics also develops the robots that use these actuators. The company’s previous work includes the Robotic Leg Advancement Device (R-LAD) for intensive gait-training therapy, invented in 2013, (also developed with funds from the NSF SBIR program). The R-LAD product has attracted an industrial partner who is now commercializing it. 

Maciej Pietrusinski, Ph.D. 
Founder, President 

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